Monsarrat Ave (Kamaka HF-3D)

Here’s a recent recording of “Monsarrat Avenue.”  This original solo ukulele piece pays tribute to the mellow vibes of the area around Monsarrat Avenue, which runs near Kapiolani Park and Diamond Head towards Kapiolani Community College.  There are so many little things to love on (or just off) Monsarrat: the Honolulu Zoo and its fence with local artists selling their wares, the wafting of music from the Kapiolani Bandstand or the Waikiki Shell, Kapiolani Park itself with the powerful beauty of Leahi, Diamond Head, in the background; nearby is a lovely little district of restaurants and shops.  After that, you pass rows of Kaimuki homes with people riding their bikes on quiet side streets as Monsarrat Avenue meanders and changes name to Diamond Head Road; it then passes by Kapiolani Community College – home of a popular (crowded) weekly Farmer’s Market – and curls around the back side of Diamond Head.